Java: The Language That Will Never Die

Ilyas O.
5 min readMar 18, 2023
Java: The Language That Will Never Die
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Java is a popular and widely-used programming language around the world.

However, Many have predicted its demise, and I have recently read a lot of articles and comments about the end of Java because of the new and modern technologies, especially around JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries.

It’s not worth getting into arguments with people over which language is ‘the best’ or anything like that, because in the end they are just tools.

In this article I will clarify Java strengths and why a lot people hate it.

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People can now easily use Next.js to create Full-Stack web applications with the possibility of using only ONE language (JavaScript).

While Android Developers are no longer using Java, but Kotlin to develop the new Android native applications.

And Python is popular and widely used around AI and ML fields.

Even with all of the new technologies in the Market, Java is still running the world.

Firstly, Let’s look at the top negative reasons I hear the most.

  • Verbosity and complexity
  • Hard to learn
  • Force you to use Objects

Verbosity and Complexity!

Verbosity is really an old argument, people did not try Java 17 and latest versions. Basically, they don’t know what they are talking about.

Probably they didn’t even try Java before.

Now you can use Records, Method References, Lombok project, Spring Boot…etc to write quick, simple and readable code.

People nowadays want to develop applications without writing many codes.

Many see verbosity as something so bad!

Verbosity isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it makes the code clear and readable, of course if you are writing clean code, not just any type of code.

Java basically give you a box with a bunch of tools, you choose what suits you the best.

Java may be struggling to compete with the top/modern programming languages in terms of verbosity; Such as Python and Kotlin.

Still, Java is evolving even now, every 6 months there are new updates and interesting improvements to the language by Oracle, as well as the huge support of the Java open-source communities.

For some folks, the Java syntax might look more complex due to its verbosity. With proper learning and practice, Java code can be written clearly, efficiently and effectively.

It depends on YOU.

I will recommend Java as the first programming language to learn after C, simply because it’s strict, and helps you understand what’s going on.

Hard to learn!

While Java may seem hard to learn at first, it is important to remember that this is true for any programming language.

Always remember Java is just a programming language. A TOOL!

What’s more essential is to learn Programming Concepts, Design Principles and Design Patterns.

By mastering these concepts in Java, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle other programming languages and contexts.

If you want to learn Java, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be persistent and practice.
  • Take advantage of the large and supportive Java developer community.
  • Java provides a strong foundation in programming concepts.

Force you to use Objects!

Java is an object-oriented programming language, of course it will force you to work with Objects.

Still, Java is not pure OOP language because it also support primitive types as well as Functional Programming paradigm.

Objects are a great way to build a high quality and secure applications, with the Objects as a concept it can make your code more modular and maintainable.

Java Ranks Third

Popular programming, scripting, and markup languages in 2022 — Stack Overflow

This is the well-known Stack Overflow survey that happens at the end of each year.

JavaScript was the Top programming language in 2022 according to Stackoverflow.

Java ranked 3. JavaScript, Python and then Java.

Although, not all Java Developers participated in the survey as I know a lot of Developers who don’t care about participating in surveys including myself.

JavaScript is powerful, simply because it’s everywhere now! From Mobile Development, AR/VR, Extensions, Web Applications, to 3D Objects. This is what makes it more popular.

This wide-ranging use cases is what has contributed to JavaScript’s popularity and continued growth.

Each technology has a use case, JavaScript is not the right choice for any solution you want to implement.

You can’t use JavaScript to develop smart contracts or Blockchain in general as it lacks the ability to handle cryptography and security.

However, Java remains a powerful tool for building high-quality Back-End applications. If you want a robust, secure and mature programming language, I will recommend Java.


Kotlin was developed by JetBrains and it was really a smart move from Google to recommend Developers to use it for Android Development, while Oracle lost a big market.

Kotlin is based on Java and it uses many of its best features.

It’s a modern programming language with a lot of new concepts such as null safety and extension functions.

I think, JetBrains Kotlin development team got inspired from the other languages such as Java and JavaScript, resulting in a successful modern programming language with significant improvements.

I’m sure you have heard many Kotlin developers criticize Java, including Tech influencers.

In summary, I think Java is mostly caught up with Kotlin in terms of syntax simplicity and features.

This year was the arrival of Java 20 with a lot of interesting features like Virtual Threads, Pattern Matching and Multithreaded Programming.

The fact that Java is still popular after 27 years should encourage developers to be optimistic about the future.

The good part? Oracle and the Open-Source communities are always bringing new features to the JDK.

However, there is room for improvements in the management of Java by Oracle to better compete with other tech giants such as Google, Meta, and JetBrains.

At the end of the day, what matters is using the right tool for the job and Java is simply a tool.

I hope my Article was helpful and clear. Thank you